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Things I’ve said to my cat this weekend.

I had a three-day weekend, and it has been full of productivity and adventure (not sarcasm!). Between scenic hikes and finally crossing a few items off the ol’ to-do list, though, there’s been some down time. Down time that I’ve spent with my orange, fuzzy roommate:


When he’s not hiding from people, this sumbitch is one hell of a Chatty Cathy. Seriously, he won’t shut up. I’ve taken to responding to him like a crazy COMPLETELY SANE person would.

Cat: Meow?
Julie: No! Tortilla chips aren’t for kitty cats!

Cat: Mrrrrroooow?
Julie: Yes, the vacuuming is over. It’s safe to come out.

Cat: MOW!

Cat: Merp?
Julie: Oh, I’m sorry. I had to move your mouse while I vacuumed. Here it is.

Julie: Where’s my itty bitty kitty?
Cat: *silence*

the healing powers of intentional hypochondria.

I’m sick, I think. By this time tomorrow, I’ll be feeling miserable.

Maybe my throat is sore, or my nose is sniffly, or I feel a twinge of unusual exhaustion. Something leads my brain to think that illness is quickly setting in, and I despair.

But here’s the thing: it never happens. Every time I think to myself I think I’m getting sick, I just… don’t.

One would think that I would have caught on to this mind trick by now, but I sure have not. Instead, whenever I actually do become ill, it seems to come from nowhere. BAM. SICK. GO TO BED NOW.

The last time I was truly ill (not counting miscellaneous tummy aches or runny noses), I was taken off-guard by how taken off-guard I was. One day, my eyes were super itchy. The next day, I could barely speak. I don’t know if the two are related – I doubt itchy eyes are a symptom of pneumonia, but I shudder to think that I somehow rubbed some germs into my eyes and that’s how I got sick. Ew.

Regardless, my point is this: I wondered this morning if I get into the habit of telling myself I have terrible diseases, if that would somehow ward them off from me entirely.

Though I suppose I think I’m getting cancer isn’t the best mantra, eh?



traveler’s mania.

Part of the allure of traveling – be it a day trip to a neighboring town or a cross-country adventure – is the ability to briefly assume the lifestyle of another. Walking or taking transit instead of driving everywhere (or vice versa, depending on what you’re used to), trying new types of restaurants or attractions, socializing with your friends’ friends – it’s all so wonderful.

I just got back from a quick 3-day trip to New England to visit my brother and his girlfriend. While there, I racked up monstrous daily step totals, ate the freshest, most delicious seafood, tried other new gastronomical delights, was crammed into a train and elbowed my way out (ok, so that’s very much an exaggeration) and just generally had a fantastic time.

Talk about refreshing. I’ve returned mentally energized and ready to basically take on the entire damn world.

That’s all I got for now!


For your consideration: a picture of my baby brudder taking a picture of the foliage.