You know how sometimes you’re laying in bed watching cat videos on Instagram and you suddenly have a a GREAT GD IDEA and MUST EXECUTE IT IMMEDIATELY because if you don’t it’ll evaporate into the same place in your brain that’s otherwise filled with cat videos?

Here’s mine!

As a sort of mental / writing exercise, I’m challenging myself to come up with three posts a week that have some sort of connection to a pre-determined topic.

How is the topic determined?
Ideally, by the people reading this. Or at least, the internet in general. I’ll likely poll the five readers here and badger them for ideas.

What sort of topics do you have in mind?
I dunno. Spatulas? Childbirth? Disgusting breakfast cereals? The bones of the inner ear? The more random, the better.

How could you write three posts about spatulas?
Here’s what I reserve the right to do:
1. Take it as far afield as I can possibly go.
2. Write in any form I choose. Haiku? Journal entry? Academic research paper? All are fair game.
3. The length doesn’t matter. Maybe I’ll have just one thought so witty that it can stand on its own, but I suppose I wouldn’t really be working any kind of creative musculature by writing one sentence at a time.

Um, why?
We’ll get to that eventually.

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