Don’t know why (you stay)*

What I’m about to question will probably act as a neon sign of my personal naivete and insensitivity but if I truly cared about what my thoughts ‘said’ about me, I’d rarely speak aloud.

So I keep seeing this commercial for some type of gastric bypass-esque surgery. They show a couple people and they say why they’re electing to have this surgery. Man #1 says he wants to do karate with his kids. Okay, I buy that. Woman #2 says that she wants to kiss his boyfriend (husband? brother?) under the Eiffel Tower. This is where I raise issue. First–can one actually stand beneath the Eiffel Tower? Second, how is this connected with her surgery? The dude she’s macking on in the commercial is no skinny-mini himself, and yet he can apparently go to Paris without having the surgery. I don’t get it. Are the overweight not welcome in France?

That’s all I got.

The tempo in this song is slightly different at the beginning. It throws me off, like it’s off a half-beat. Drives me nuts. Much like that commercial.

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