Disjointed Thoughts, part un

omg have u seen kristen stewarts new haircut?

I don’t know. That just popped into my head. I could really care less, honestly.

*                          *                            *

Some disjointed thoughts:

USA’s Royal Pains (or is that supposed to be quotation mark’d?) is proving to be a decent, watch-able television program–whomever the network is paying to churn out Original Series is worth the money.

The Hangover (almost certain the italicization here is correct) was a bit more of a disappointment. Seems the writers were reaching for an ad-libbed dynamic among the actors a la Judd Apatow movies and just missed the mark. The premise was almost foolproof, but they wrote beyond their reach. Or maybe they should have just cast different actors; I don’t know.

See? This is what’s beautiful about blogging. Self-righteous pretense-ary is not only rewarded, but encouraged. No wonder I’m an addict.

*                          *                            *

Yeah, I’m still jobless. I’ve got an interview next week for a job. And that’s nice. But all I’m looking for right now is some form of income that I can show a potential landlord so I can get my own place once again. Living at home with my parents is completely fine, but I’ve grown accustomed to being on my own: making my own meals, drinking my own liquor, passing out on my own floor, bringing home my own male visitors, drunkenly burning my own curtains whilst playing with matches. Having to chip in for beer is just crimping my style, yo. For realz.

Uh, or not.

*                          *                            *

I think I fried my flash drive, but I’m terrified to test it out  because my most updated resumes and cover letter, including all of my writing samples, is saved on it. I know, I know. I should have saved them elsewhere. I should have done a lot of things. I wish I was a baller, I wish I was taller…

*                          *                            *

That is all.

End transmission.

One thought on “Disjointed Thoughts, part un

  1. Mel says:

    I have seen Kristen Stewart’s new haircut. Ew. I believe it’s for a film role, though.

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