El Updato.

Some miscellaneous thoughts, updates, and observations – neatly packaged for your browsing pleasure:

1. Yeah, yeah, yeah… I have mixed feelings about this latest release of Rockband, and my reticence stems from my deeply-rooted music snobbery. There, I said it: I cringe to think about people butchering the music I’ve revered since birth. Talk about a snob: I don’t boycott karaoke bars, and the concept is almost the exact frickin’ same. The flip side of this, though, is genuine excitement: though I love to karaoke, I’ve never in my life played Guitar Hero or Rockband (except for about 2 minutes on Carynn’s DS at Christmas last year). Perhaps this latest version of Rockband will be what it takes to finally get me to play. In a way, I hope it does so I can finally get over myself. Ah, well. Who knows?

2. Giddy for Glee. Watched Glee last night. Well, technically, I was flipping through the channels in my new Media Room (more on that later), and found it by accident. And – !!! – trying to contain my giddiness here, for fear of making a fool of myself – !!! – what a happy accident it was! (Deep breaths, Julie…). I had zero expectations for this show going in. I’ve been doing a lot of reading up on the upcoming series and season premieres, but sort of glossed over the critics’ reviews of Glee because I had it pegged as some TV version of High School Musical. Matthew Morrison’s face was plastered across the latest issue of the Charter magazine this month, and I instantly gave him a mustache, yellow highlights, and perhaps some neck ink, I can’t remember. Aaaaaaaanyway… I only saw about half of the premiere, and my one sentence review is something like this: aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Love it.

3. Contradictions and Revelations. I now realize that the juxtaposition of my haughty disdain for The Beatles’ Rockband and my omgomgomg schoolgirl excitement over Glee is, well, odd.

4. The Job Front. I’m still looking for a job, and have lost track of the number of online applications I’ve completed, cover letters I’ve composed, and HR e-mails I’ve sent. I’m now signed up for alerts through Snag A Job, a site that very badly wants me to work at Long John Silver’s (Silvers? Silvers’?). And while I find myself occasionally craving Chicken Planks with the rest of ’em, I’ve not yet submitted my application for Shift Manager. Honestly, though, part of me wonders when it’s time to quit being stubborn and see if I can’t just go back to Sonic. (I do have new skates, after all).

5. The Media Room. Since he left for college a few weeks ago, I’ve taken to watching prime time television in my brother’s room, on the TV he so graciously left behind (or, more accurately, could not fit in his car). I’ve since rearranged the room for optimal TV viewing and antenna placement (while the stop-and-stutter when a digital antenna loses its signal is sort of funny at first, it gets old after about the sixteenth time). I don’t remember where I was going with this bullet point, so I guess I’ll just drop this thought and pick it up later.

Well, folks, that’s it.

‘Til next time…

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