Daily Archives: December 14, 2009

Oscillation around the tree of Navidade

Oh that was TOO much fun. I couldn’t resist doing another one:
“Rockin Around the Christmas Tree”

Oscillation around the tree of navidade
in the jump of the celebration of Christmas
Muérdago hung where you can see
each pair tries to stop
oscillation around the Christmas tree
it leaves the ring of the alcohol of Christmas
we’ later; ll has a little pasty of pumpkin and makes caroling certain

you will obtain a little sentimental when you hear
it express ” of the song; Let’ s is jolly”
” covered the corridors with the branches with holly”
rocking around the Christmas tree
it has a happy holiday
each happy dance
of the new old-fashioned way

Bells of Cascabeleo

Jingle Bells, as passed through English-to-Spanish then Spanish-to-English translation:

estrellazo through the snow
in a horse it abra the sleigh
on the fields we go
laughter until the end

bells in the ring of bobtails
doing drunk spirited brilliants
what diversion is to laugh and to sing
a song sleighing tonight

bells of cascabeleo of the cascabeleo bells
cascabeleo until the end
oh what diversion is to mount
in a horse it abra the sleigh