the St. Louis blues, uncapitalized

Bye, bye Andy Murray. We – or at least I – will certainly miss your gravelly-voiced intonations to the area media.
In the words of my father, “It’s cheaper to fire the coach than the entire team.” As true as that statement rings, I’ve got a different idea: how’s about we [as in, every single person who ever speaks about St. Louis’ NHL affiliate] leave the baggage of last season behind us [as in, the team, the city, the fans, the media]?
I’ve been racking my brain pretty hard lately, and I’ve still not come up with a memory of reading an article or seeing a news/sports report that doesn’t mention the the latter half of last season: how we [as in, the team] overcame a sloppy start and steamrolled straight through to a magnificent entry into the playoffs. As the Blues stumble at home, our [as in, everyfuckingbody] collective memory grows rosier and fonder. So to those tenderly reminiscing about “the good ol’ days” of last Spring, I say: Who gives a fuck?
New season. New start. Hell, new fans! We [as in, everybody except the team] need to quit guilt-tripping these boys into thinking that they’re letting us down by not realizing some nonexistent “potential” that dangles above them, carrot-and-stick style. What began as a perfectly normal rough patch has somehow angrily morphed into some sort of self-fulfilling monster of a prophecy: we [as in, the team] won’t win at home, the point of “can’t” having long since been passed.
So to those still shopping for New Year’s Resolutions, how about this one, ripped straight from the 12 Steps [as in, one day at a time!]:
New year. New attitude.
Let’s go Blues!

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