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I’ve always prided myself on the ability to make slightly awkward situations into full-blown awkward situations.

Went to see Up in the Air today with the folks. As we prepare ourselves to leave, there’s a report on the news about viruses attacking iPhones. After hearing the report, Mom asks me what a “smartphone” is. I explain to her it’s not a brand like “Nokia” or “Samsung” but rather a reference to what the phone can do.

Then we go see the movie. A little weirdness (wasn’t aware that we’d see, uh, so much of Vera Farmiga) but nothing of the earth-shattering variety. However, during a scene in which Farmiga’s character exchanges explicit texts with George Clooney’s character on their crack-berries, I leaned over to my mom.

That is a smartphone,” I said.

sotd 02.03.10

“Trashcan” / Delta Spirit (2008)
For the record, this song is pretty bitchin when performed live.

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