Daily Archives: April 20, 2010

goin on a road trip.

My packing list for Minnesota:

  1. Insect repellant
  2. Snow shoes
  3. Layers
  4. More layers
  5. Minnesotan-to-Missourian dictionary
  6. Sauerkraut repellant
  7. A reserved sense of common decency and neighborliness

On another note, I plan on thoroughly documenting my upcoming trip. My camera will be freshly charged, pen n’ paper always at the ready. I have super-cute scrapbook paper with music notes on it, and I intend to use it, gosh darn it!*

*Unfortunately, this is not a karaoke-themed trip. I’m just going up there to see my brother’s Junior recital.

sotd 04.20.10

My brother introduced* me to this band, who are a product of the fine (read: cold) state of Minnesota. I think he knows them? Or knows someone who knows them? I don’t know. Everybody’s related to everybody up there. It’s the Arkansas of the Upper Midwest.**

“Eisenhower is the Father” / Best Friends Forever (2008)

*Ooohhh…not literally. He just gave me the album “Romance Conflict Adventure” to burn onto my laptop.
**Angry Minnesotans (haha, oxymoron!), take heed: I say that with love. Arkansas is surprisingly beautiful, as is your mosquito-infested patch of ice.