Daily Archives: June 4, 2010

on Rue

As also published on Facebook.

As a girl, I wanted to be like Blanche Devereaux when I grew up, before I fully comprehended what that meant. I would do what my Mom called the “Blanche Walk” through our house: shoulders back, hips in full swing, sashaying like an alleycat in heat.  I wrapped floral sheets around myself, spoke in a ridiculous Southern accent, and used the word “lanai” in everday speech, though I was only vaguely aware that it was some sort of architectural feature that our house may or may not have possessed.

As a grown woman, I’m not sure my aspirations have much changed.

Rest in peace to the incomparable Rue McClanahan.

sotd 06.04.10

Does this video win for Worst Homemade Youtube Music Video ever? If not, it’s in the top five. “Hey, Jason – I think this picture’s out of focus!” “Nah, you’ve just had too much moonshine, Walt. Put it up!”

“Ramblin’ Man” / Allman Brothers (1973)