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sotd 08.13.10

Not sure a pitchy little sentence can accurately describe how much I love this song (and this album).

“One” / Vampire Weekend (2008)

On Eloise

Julie’s Housekeeping Tip Du Jour!!!

In a pinch, laundry stain remover can be used on carpet! Specifically, Shout stain remover for laundry does WONDERS for red wine stains on a friend’s carpet (also, who the hell has carpeting in their dining room, aside from everyone I know? Dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb).

Also, if you are at a dinner party, and someone brings a bottle of REAL wine (that is, with a cork and not a screw-top), do not ask Julie to open it! She will manage to decimate the cork and cause it to descend into the bottle, causing small bits of disgusting-ness to happily bob up and down in the wine, along with the bottom half of the cork.

Seriously, this is a skill I need to master, because it’s getting ridiculous. And gross.