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Analogy time!

Julie : Saturday Night Live :: Cubs fans : Cubs

They know the history and the facts, and yet they persevere. They latch onto the high points with the desperation of that chick who was floating on the door or piece of plywood or casket or whatever it was in that Titanic movie: Did you see that perfect 1/3 of an inning that Dempster pitched that one day? Oh, man, it was awesome! They also brush aside the lowlights, claiming that the losses build character, and that nothing good was earned without struggle: At least we’re not those cocksucking Yankees who have everything handed to them!

Above all, they all claim to remember the “glory days,” though they were likely not alive to witness those good times (or perhaps they were just too young?).

Gentle reader, do not confuse this loyalty with delusions of grandeur; these aren’t dumb folks (except for the ones I sit next to at Busch who think they’re being clever by taunting the Cardinals fans…when we aren’t even playing the Cubs. What the hell, buddy?). Nay, they’re just optimistic. The good times might not show their face again for awhile, but when they do, they will been ready all along.

This is why I still watch SNL.

sotd 09.27.10

Oh, man, remember this one?! And this…guy?

“Fast Car” / Tracy Chapman (1988)