All that is to be discovered.

So when our great^12 grandchildren read about the world today, what sort of scientific achievements will form the chapters of their textbooks (brain downloads?)? I mean, I can probably figure out what’s going down in history, so to speak. But the scientific stuff? I’m not talking about the technological advances: the iPods and the iPads and the iWhateverElseTheyComeUpWiths – I want to know who the Isaac Newtons of our day are.

My best guess – and I’m really just spitballin’ here – is that these are probably the folks working in pharmaceuticals. I’m not 100% sure there’s much to still be discovered when it comes to the functional building blocks of our universe (is that pessimistic of me?), so I think the only uncharted territory is either celestial or medical.

I don’t know. I was looking through a stack of old textbooks in a closet today and came across a chemistry Cliffs Notes. And even though I had just about zero interest in this subject in high school, I decided to look through it. Turns out, chemistry is interesting after all (I think perhaps it helps that a nun with anger issues isn’t trying to teach it to me this time around).

That’s all.

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