Daily Archives: December 6, 2010

sotd 12.06.10

Congrats, gentlemen. You’ve just claimed the “of the moment” spot* in the Top 10 List of Julie’s Favorite Bands/Musical Artists

“I Won’t Cry” / My Morning Jacket (2004)

*How does this list work? I have 8-9 bands/artists that just Don’t Change, and I reserve 1-2 spaces so that I can rotate in new discoveries. Sometimes, these newbies even go so far to earn a place on the rest of the list proper. It’s a complicated process.

Where’d you go?

Man! I was really on a roll for a while there: three posts in three days?! But then I got myself laid up with a cold. I know, I know, what a baby. More on that later, probably. Anyway, bear with me and I’ll be back to that regularly-posting groove in no time. Thanks for your patience.