decisions, decisions

Moving, part 3:

A short observation today:
When I initially moved in, my mom was ecstatic about the amount of kitchen cabinets I have. I was too, sort of. “You have more than I do!” she exclaimed over and over again (turns out, this is actually true! It took four rolls of shelf liner to cover them all – and you bet your bottom 2.99 that I made sure all drawers and shelves were lined. See previous post to reference my irrational fear of shelf- and drawer-germs).

Last night I set to work unpacking my kitchen. Right now, almost every dish, cup, box of Ziploc baggies and towel I own is sitting on the counter. Makes preparing my lunchtime PB&J a bit of an obstacle, so I figured putting all this stuff away would, you know, be good.

But where to begin? I literally stood in my teeny, galley-style kitchen for five or so minutes, opening and closing cabinets and drawers, evaluating all the possible permutations. The end result: complete and total paralysis of decision-making. Seriously.

If I put my real dishes here, I can put my cups here, but this shelf isn’t tall enough to put a box of cereal so I’ll have to put the mugs over there and if I put all my baking stuff here it’ll be close to the oven but I can’t reach the top shelf so maybe I’ll put that step thing* here so I can reach the shelf above the microwave but seriously, what would I put there? Oh, crap I forgot about these cabinets, what if I put the trash bags here and then I can…. 

*poof!* (head explosion)

*A step-thing that was purchased for the purpose of exercising along with a DVD that proved to be too complicated for my low levels of coordination.

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