New SOTD theme week!

The flurry of packing-and-moving-and-packing-and-moving really put a cramp in my daily style, but I think I’ve settled in enough to get back to (hopefully) more regular posting.

If you asked me to make a top-<insert number here> list of my favorite songs, it’ll change. Sure, a handful (think three, perhaps four) always make the rotation, but the rest is usually up for grabs. Does this make me a cheating song whore? Probably, but variety is the spice of life and the bane of free clinics everywhere.

One song to which I remain steadfastly loyal is Curtis Mayfield’s “Move On Up.” I could write at length about it, but I’m not sure y’all are as enamored with it as I; I’ll spare the gushing. Just listen (bad video):

“Move On Up” / Curtis Mayfield (1970)

Suffice to say, when I first heard Kanye’s “Touch The Sky,” my jaw dropped – that hook! Was it? Could it be? What?! Normally I get all red-faced and underbite-d (read: angry face!) when I hear songs I love sampled in other songs (Rihanna, you’re on my list), but this is an exception to the rule. Say what you will about Mr. West, but I dig his stuff, and I particularly like “Touch The Sky.” The horn bit doesn’t hurt things, either (great video):

“Touch the Sky” / Kanye West ft. Lupe Fiasco (2005)

Aaaaanyway, I originally thought I’d try to do a week of songs sampling other songs, but my brain didn’t really want to work that hard. Instead, Imma try to highlight (oops, been listening to too much Kanye) selected songs / remakes of songs and – if I’m feeling really wordy (read: full of myself) – discuss what I like / dislike about them.


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