sotd 6.9.11

Are a capella versions of songs technically “covers”? I don’t think so, but I found this one by accident and it’s way too good not to share.

First, the original (skip the vid):

“God Only Knows” / The Beach Boys (1966)

The Allmusic reviewer uses the phrase “transcendently lovely” to describe this song. Oooh, I like that one. Might have to shamelessly appropriate that for my own use sometime.  Also, this might just be my favorite Beach Boys tune, and definitely my favorite from Pet Sounds.

But what have we here?

“God Only Knows” / Petra Haden

Well, isn’t that divine (transcendently lovely, even)? And here’s the best part: she’s doing all of it. All of it. To perfection. I don’t know much about a capella music, but this piece is all layered and dimensional – I don’t know how to appropriately describe it, just that it sounds sooooo good – and I want to hear more!


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