If only I could clean AND nap simultaneously…

Hey, friends, will you all do me a favor and, from now on, drop by my apartment unexpectedly?

This is the only way it will stay tidy.

Please – do not misunderstand. It is (hardly ever) dirty – I vacuum and mop floors and clean toilets with astonishing frequency, considering I live alone. But do I remember to put things away after I use them? (Hell, do I remember to close drawers and cabinets after I’ve opened them?). Lately, the answer to this is: Rarely.

My excuse is that I like a little clutter. Hard to really relax in a place where I feel like I have to keep everything at right angles, y’know? But there’s a fine line, and I do well at blurring it: newspapers strewn on the coffee table? Nice and homey. A box of Band-aids and a tube of Neosporin on the coffee table? Slightly off-putting, I suppose. But sometimes one decides to attend to a cut on one’s foot while one just also happens to be watching the television and after this task is completed sometimes one just decides to keep said materials out because I’ll just need to put a new Band-aid on tomorrow anyway, right? Also in this scenario, one suffers from chronic laziness.

But today I woke up early because I had plans to have a friend over and was overwhelmed with a desire to put EVERYTHING away. Not that Friend really gives two shits about whether my coupons are in my coupon-holder or in a pile on the kitchen table, of course, but I’ll take whatever motivation I can get.

Except now we’re not meeting up til later, so….


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