The morning after.

Hey – wake up!

Wake up!

Wake up wakeupwakeupwakeupwakeupwakeup!


Are you up? Good, you’re up.

Hey, yeah… last night – I just wanted to tell you that everything’s gonna be fine. It’s – seriously! – it’s gonna be okay. It was just a one-time deal, alright?

I mean, I thought you’d maybe be, like, upset about it. But seriously, man – it’s okay. It happens.

Do you even remember? I wasn’t sure if you’d remember. We were both pretty drunk. I mean – everyone was pretty fucked up, haha.

So yeah, you remember? Okay. That’s fine. Wasn’t sure. How are you feeling? I mean, I guess we could… talk? About it?

Or not. We could just not talk about it. That’s cool, too.

But – really – really, dude. These things happen. I mean, I think about it now, and it probably wasn’t a big deal. Overall, I mean. We can work through this. Right? Together.

See, personally… are you disappointed? I’m still a little disappointed. It just – that’s not really what I was expecting, going in. I mean, I really just built the whole thing up. Like – this was gonna be the night. It was gonna be fuckin’ glorious, dude.

And then… well, you know.

So, the whole reason I came over – I let myself in, is that okay? I figured it was cool – the whole reason I came over… I just wanted to check in, see how you were doing. Handling the whole thing. Because I was thinking about it, and I kinda figured we could, you know, just pretend like last night never happened. Like none of that stuff actually, you know, counts. Does that sound cool?

Okay, awesome. So… let’s agree to move on, forget about Thursday, and we can start fresh tomorrow.

I mean, we lost one game – so what? Three more wins, the Series is ours.

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