Like a good, passive-aggressive, neighbor…

Pretty sure I made Insurance History today when the Insurance Lady I was speaking with on the phone hung up on me before I was finished asking questions. After I paid the balance on my account, our conversation went like this:

Insurance Lady: Your card has been charged a zillion dollars. I also see you do not have an auto insurance policy with us. Have you been offered a quote on auto insurance?
Julie: Oh, well, I actually don’t have a car.
IL: I see. Thank you, and —
J: Lady? Actually, I was wondering if…
IL: — have a —
J: Could I get a copy of my policy —
IL:  — nice day.
J: I was told you could fax it…?
IL: Goodbye.
J: I’m sorry – what did you..? Hello?
J: Wait, what just happened?
J: Hello?
J: Seriously? Did I offend you?
J: I’m sorry, Lady. I’m sorry I don’t have a car.
J: Are you there? Is this a fake hang up?
J: Hello?
J: I’m sorry, did you say something?
J: No. Still not there, eh?
J: Nice. Real nice, Lady.
J: I’m still talking to myself, aren’t I?
J: Fuck.

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