as seen on TV.

Julie: Oh, by the way, I ordered something online. I had it shipped to your house because I don’t trust my sneaky neighbors from stealing it from my doorstep if it’s delivered while I’m at work.

Juanita: Sure, no problem. But the squirrels might get to it first if it’s on our porch for too long. Say, husband, have you seen those TV ads for XYZ product?

Dad*: Nope, sure haven’t.

Juanita: It’s so ridiculous. And they say if you act now, you’ll get $x dollars off! X dollars! I can’t even imagine how much it costs before the discount! What a waste of money. Can you believe people pay that much for something like that?

Dad: Well, maybe it works really well?

Juanita: I guess… Hey, what was it you ordered?

Julie: Never mind.

*He needs a better Blog Name… Hmmm…

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