if imitation is the highest form of flattery…

There is no shame in my game: I am completely and totally OBSESSED with Pinterest. I visit that site and it’s like Christmas morning for me: an essentially unlimited treasure trove of recipes, craft projects and DIY ideas. Ho-Lee-Crap. It’s a wonder I don’t pee myself, overly-excitable-puppy-style, each time I log in.

From this cornucopia of Web sites I’ve hand-picked a few especially good’uns: either the photography is amazing (trying to take a good picture of a cookie is hard, y’all), the writing is excellent (also hard, y’all), the ideas splenderefescent (I went there) or d) all of the above.

For a very brief moment (nanosecond, really), I contemplated making this blog into something like those which I so admire. And I have actually tried a few times to come up with a super-clever-n-fun post about some project/idea/dessert I’d recently tried to copy/make/bake… I even carefully patterned it off of my best-beloved blogs, but… it ended up something like this:

Mint-truffle kiss brown bites

the clever introduction
I was at Target and my mom saw a bag of cherry cordial Hersheys kisses. And I was all like “Whoa!” And she was all like “I know!” and I was like “Yeah!” and she was like “You should buy them!” And I was like “I hate cherry cordials!” And she was like “Why did you say ‘Whoa,’ then?” And I was all like “Because YOU like them.” So she bought them. And then, I don’t know, she felt bad or something and bought a bag of these mint-truffle kisses for me.


picture posted after being photoshopped for at least 75 hours

But I’m all like “these are good in a one-per-day kind of way, what am I supposed to do with all these?”

But then I got an idea…



the series of pictures with vague, step-by-step instructions
Too much work. Do these people really stop, mid-egg-beating, to take pictures?

the actual recipe, in cute printable recipe-card format
1. Brownie mix. Bag, box, homemade. I don’t care.
2. The shit you need for the brownies. Eggs? Oil? Water? Milk? Cardamom? Fuck. Whatever.
3. A bag of the truffle-kiss things. I got mine at Target. They’re also available wherever mint truffle Hersheys kisses are sold

1. Get a bag of brownie mix. Or a box. I don’t care.
2. Do whatever it says to do on the bag. Or box. Whatever.
3. Use a mini-muffin tin. And maybe don’t use mini-muffin liners because FUCK do those things NOT like brownies! I was peeling that shit off the bottom of each individual brownie for-ever.
4. So grease the pan or whatever.
5. Bake them for almost as long as the bag or box says. Pull them out of the oven. Ram an unwrapped kiss, pointy-side-down, into the middle of each one. It’ll look like this:


pithy caption

the clever close and giveaway/contest/call for comments
I have nothing to give away to you, because the brownies already got ate and no one cares enough about this blog to give me things to give away (like I’d actually give them away! Ha-ha! Joke’s on you, imaginary corporate sponsor!). I’m told they tasted good. I was all like “meh, could take it or leave it” but a couple people damn-near shat themselves with delight when they tried them. So. Yeah. To each their own.

In summary, I don’t think this version would go over as well.

Or would it?

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