party like Norah Jones

Every two months I have a scheduled three-day weekend, and that glorious, glorious day has finally arrived. To say that I am excited is an understatement. More like “paralyzed with glee.” Seriously. For the past week, I’ve been going about my business, when suddenly I remember holy crap I have Friday, Saturday and Sunday off and then I start clapping like some deranged cross-eyed seal. And yes, there is squealing.

I have a basic framework of plans right now, but plenty of in-between down time to fill with whatever my little heart desires. And that, dear reader(s), is what really gets my biscuits burning.

Some ideas:

Party like a rock star
…minus the hotel-suite trashing, drug-doing, groupie-banging bit, of course.
Though, after that, I’m not sure what’s left. Maybe “rock star” is a little much. What kinds of stars go on hikes and read books and sit outside drinking coffee? I’m imagining some sort of piano-playing, songwriting, Soft Rock star. Norah Jones, maybe? or Kenny Loggins?*

Finish the damn baby blanket I started almost six months ago – holy crap
…I’m not what’s known as a “fast” or “skilled” crochet-er.
Also at this point I’ll never be done, because I just keep having to make it larger and larger as the kid grows.

Do some research for my Fantasy Baseball team
…Namely, figure out how the heck I put players on my team. Or keep score. Or make trades. Or sign up.

Clean my apartment
…Oh, Julie, you crack myself up.

Finish just one of the 80-zillion half-posts I have saved for this site
…except I can’t remember what made most of them post-worthy in the first place.

F) All of the above

G) None of the above
…I’m totally okay with this one.


I am a die-hard list-maker, by the way. Note:

This was a (mostly) good day - Sonic picnic in the park with my buds while we took creeper pics of the weirdos and made our Bucket Lists.

This was a (mostly) good day – Sonic picnic in the park with my buds while we took creeper pics of the weirdos and made our Bucket Lists.



*”Return to Pooh Corner” Kenny Loggins. Not “Danger Zone” Kenny Loggins. Or “Loggins and Messina” Kenny Loggins. Just so we’re clear.
Also, I don’t know anything about Norah Jones. I’ve heard she has a lucrative career, and even sings something other than than that “Don’t know why” song, but don’t quote me on that.




3 thoughts on “party like Norah Jones

  1. Girl. I cannot believe you have this pic! Husbando’s list is hanging proudly on the refrigerator and I saw mine just a few weeks ago. That was such a blast!

  2. […] made some half-hearted Bucket Lists before but never gave them too much thought. It’s not that I don’t have goals; these goals […]

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