Daily Archives: July 23, 2013

Is this a test? I think it’s a test.

Er’body knows Julie loves a good craft fair, and the local high school throws themselves a doozy of a Crafts-trava-ganza each Fall. Last year, Juanita and I checked it out, eager to pour our money into handmade jewelry, keychains and allĀ kinds of crap that we buy each year “for gifts” that we never actually give to other people.

And because the Craft-a-palooza is held at the high school (an absolutely humongous, maze-like building with no fewer than, oh, 18 gymnasiums and common areas), I get to sample a bit of what life is like for the students there.

…and I wonder about the quality of their education, because of things like this:

I... what?

I… what?


Mrs. Hays, do not drink and type.