Daily Archives: June 8, 2014

inside out, outside in

I bought a couple of cheap shirts awhile back that came with Very Explicit laundering instructions.* Apparently they NEEDED to be laundered whilst inside-out. Okay, directions, whatever. My clothes are usually inside-out by the time I wrestle them off of my person, anyway.

But it made me wonder: which side of the shirt is actually more in need of washing? Is it the inside, the side the makes constant contact with one’s sweaty, gross self? Or is it the outside, the side that’s exposed to all the elements? I’m talking on a normal day here – no heavy laboring or exercising or working outdoors or trying to feed rice cereal to multiple infants. I’m actually inclined to believe that the inside gets the dirtiest.

Random thought.


*Not that kind of explicit, though hoo boy! Wouldn’t that be funny?