hot in herre

On Thursday I baked heated up some ciabatta rolls for sandwiches. I fried up some bacon, sautéed up some chicken, bought some fresh spinach, sliced up some tomatoes… Sandwich nirvana, let me tell ya. I took the bread out of the oven and set it on the counter while I finished the bacon. Then I turned around to slice up the bread and noticed whoops! Forgot to turn off the oven! I do this a lot. I once left my oven on for, um, over 24 hours.* So I went to switch it off except…it was already off. Odd.

I fiddled with the dial again, remembering the time that the knob broke on Juanita’s dryer and how we had to jiggle it around in order to get the dryer to do what we wanted. Before the rest of the parts caught up and the entire dryer eventually died, we’d all just learned that when it was in the “off” position, it was actually on “normal dry.” So I twisted my oven dial around a few times and even tried to push it in – which is not how it has EVER worked, but desperate times, eh? – and still nothin.’


At this point, I was genuinely lost. What the fuck was I supposed to do? I posted a Facebook status to that effect, then realized that the oven can’t be on if it doesn’t have power. So I flipped the breaker (thank JESUS that particular breaker isn’t tired to ANYTHING else). Meanwhile, I got a trillion responses to my post – almost all of them to the effect of “well, if you never stop USING the oven, it won’t be a problem if it won’t turn off. So bake me some cookies. Thanks.” Meanwhile, I tried to flip the breaker again and I’ll be damned if the oven didn’t just turn back on.

Well, shit.

Because keeping the breaker in the off position seemed to fix the issue, I didn’t see it necessary to call Maintenance Bro after hours to take a look. But that was before I realized that it’d be Monday (today) before I’d be able to get ahold of him during “normal” hours.

Long story short: hopefully it gets fixed today, or (best case scenario) the whole thing is shot and I get a new oven…


*In my defense, it was the day before T’s wedding and I’d just made cupcakes for the reception and was also hosting another bridesmaid at my apartment and it was TOTES MAGOTES CRAY CRAY ALL UP IN MY HIZZY.  I got back home after the reception and, yep. Oven was still on. At least it was November. Otherwise I’m sure the paint would have been melting off of the walls. Aaaanyway.

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