Let it go? Let go? Something like that.

My recent Facebook status:

frozen copy

I was surprised by the number of “Likes” for this particular post. Seems I’m hardly the only one concerned with the endemic Elsa-itis going around.

I’m racking my brain and trying to recall Halloweens from my past: what costumes did I choose? What costumes did my friends choose? I’m having a REALLY hard time here. Did we dress as characters from the current popular movies and cartoons? I honestly don’t know. Actually, I can only really recall two costumes I ever had:

In second grade, I was a “punk rocker:” one of those costumes-in-a-bag from Kmart. I don’t know what, exactly, made it “punk,” per se, but the costume consisted of a pink foil wig, pink lamé skirt, pink star-shaped sunglasses (PIMP!), and some sort of top with a bunch of glittery stars and shit on it. Oh, and a cardboard microphone that rained glitter down upon everything in a 10′ radius (actually, the entire costume rained glitter down upon everything in a 10′ radius. I’m sure my mother was super pleased with this phenomenon).

Side note: I genuinely wish I still had this outfit, but in my current adult size.

My point is that this getup wasn’t some sort of Licensed Character (though maybe it could have been considered a cheap JEM knock-off? Who knows). It was just a generic costume. I wasn’t trying to pretend I was part of Siouxsie and the fucking Banshees or anything. I was just a “rocker” – woo! – and that’s all I needed.

The following year, I was a monster. Again, this was a costume-in-a-(terribly smelly plastic)-bag (complete with that plastic-hanger-snap-top that ALWAYS broke IMMEDIATELY). It was just a neon green rayon (incredibly smelly) sack that I put over my head (I think it might have had sleeves?). The face was gigantic, and featured a big red tongue hanging out of the monster’s mouth. I freakin’ loved that one, people, but for some reason I felt the need to tell everyone that I was Slimer from Ghostbusters, because just saying I was a “monster” wasn’t good enough.

I guess my parents are lucky that it took me nine years to jump on that pop culture Halloween bandwagon. If only the parents of all these 4 year old Elsas had it so good.

Second side note: This year I briefly entertained the idea of going as Penny from Inspector Gadget, but I don’t think ANYTHING can beat this chick:

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