foliage included in contract!

I exist in a fantastical world where I am consistently, though not constantly, looking for another place to live. Sometimes I imagine that I have money to buy a condo or house. Other times I pretend that I’m moving into another apartment. That said, I find browsing sites like Zillow or to be supreme mental masturbation. Aw yeah, look at those built-ins! Talk subway tile in the shower to me, baby.

During the course of ogling my personal eye candy – Mmmmmm, yeah, that carpet is brand-spankin’-new – i sometimes find a bizarre picture. Maybe the person doing the posting forgot to flip a sideways image, or the lighting is poor, or it’s too close of a close-up to identify what room it is.

Or, as is the case occasionally, it’s a completely random picture apropos to nothing in the listing.

Here are two actual pictures I found included with a house listing yesterday.

l4d6f5845-m14o l4d6f5845-m16o

I did a triple-take. These were included with the standard “here’s the front door” and “look at this view of the kitchen” pics. The flowers on the table are what really get me, though. Are they included with the house? Have they somehow been made a permanent fixture of the table, which is also bolted to the floor?


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