back to school, back to school.

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A few weeks ago I decided that I needed more kitchen towels and spent several hours researching just what I wanted on Amazon. A few days after that, I decided that I wanted to find out more info about possibly going back to school and had transcripts requested, registration completed, and a large amount of money charged to my Visa in half that time.

This is how I make Major Life Decisions: swiftly, decisively. It sounds like a fault, but I guess it hasn’t failed me yet.

It’s an all-online thing. A certificate-type deal. I won’t have another degree when I’m finished, but it’ll be a possible gateway to another degree. If I stick with it and take it seriously I should be done in two-ish years. I’m easing into it; just one class right now. It’s got a syllabus and textbooks and everything! I am excited. I have always enjoyed having a full, busy schedule. Maybe I’ll take up tap dancing while I’m at it.

The program is for writing – creative writing, that is. It’s not Joe Schmoe’s School O’ Stuff; it’s through an extension of a well-known university. I guess if I want to lie to people I can say I’m enrolled at Well Known School but the extension is its own thing. Overlap with faculty and such, but I won’t have any kind of diploma from there.

Anyway, I’m going to go figure out all this online stuff and hope my textbooks come before, say, June (hey did you know you can RENT textbooks ONLINE now? WHERE WAS THIS WHEN I WAS IN SCHOOL BEFORE?).

Wish me luck!




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