…is for horses

The sound of a vibrating pocket alerted me to an incoming text message. I check the phone, but do not recognize the number. The message is short, sweet, and to the (rather esoteric) point:


Um, ok? I do not respond; my first instinct is that it is a former acquaintance who is a bit on the creepy-obsessed side. I do not wish to spur him on. 

But I’m still curious as hell, so I take a shot in the dark and Google the number.

Lo and behold! A hit! Multiple hits, actually. Apparently I have received an ill-spelled text from the number of one Dustin Ward, country music entertainer extraordinaire! 

An attempt to follow one of the links leads me to a cancelled MySpace page. Alas, I might have just been subject to some weird text-message spam. 

But what’s this? 


The plot thickens! I’ve been contacted by a Q-List celebrity (note: Lists A-P were a bit too well-known). But who is this man–this singer of country music, this user of Free Press Release Dot Com? 

The world might never know… because frankly, I’m not nearly impressed enough to text back.

One thought on “…is for horses

  1. michelle says:

    O man, now I am curious!!

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