For Pablo, who I never met.

I do a lot of random internet surfing, moreso now that I’m looking for employment. So by clicking through a series of interesting-looking links, I came across this.

You probably recognize the artist, if not his work. Shepard Fairey created the iconic Obama artwork used so ubiquitously throughout his (successful!) presidential campaign. I’ve always admired his work, and by “always” I mean since I first saw the “Obama” posters and joined the bazillions of others who jumped on Mr. Fairey’s bandwagon en masse.

But the Pablo piece, or more correctly, the subject himself just roped me in. I obviously never met this little boy, but on seeing this art I wanted nothing more than to reach through my computer screen and give him a hug. Without knowing him, I knew him: full of light and life. Inspirer of the world.

Please don’t mistake my awestruck-ness with something silly and un-genuine. It’s just that, every once in awhile – and whether you believe it or not, ha – something just grabs me so hard I can’t even find the right words to really describe it. Reading about Pablo’s all-out War against the cancer that had the audacity to take up residence in his system… I don’t know. It made me sad and angry and hopeful (more on that in a second) all at once.

Sad because it shouldn’t happen. This shouldn’t happen. It shouldn’t be this way. Sad because my heart just aches thinking about this family and their loved ones and all those whose lives Pablo somehow touched. Sad for a million reasons. Just sad.

Mad because it shouldn’t happen. This shouldn’t happen. It shouldn’t be this way. Mad because I am not physically doing anything to keep this from happening and in this way, I am powerless to this nasty, nasty disease. Mad for a million reasons. Just mad.

But hopeful because it shouldn’t happen. This shouldn’t happen. It shouldn’t be this way. Hopeful because there are things I can do to keep this from happening and in this way, we are ALL powerful against this nasty, nasty disease. Hopeful for a million reasons. HOPE.

Please, Read about Pablo . Be inspired, not saddened. Not angered. Or, more realistically, channel that sadness and anger into motivation. Inspiration. Use it to life up your hope. I am.

Pablo Castelaz, the power of your light and your love breaks through to everyone who had the privilege of knowing you.

And though I only heard about your journey yesterday, I want to thank Pablo’s parents and brother for so courageously and openly sharing their story with the world. Your cherished little boy and baby brother is not the only one who is inspiring.

The entire entry is a little tangential. I don’t actually know what point I was trying to make, only that I started typing with only one coherent thought in my mind: Spread the love. Spread the hope.

Please, click here to find out more information about The Pablove Foundation and how you can help fight the battle against childhood cancer.

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