Meet me in St. Louis, Louis.

I would like to state officially and For The Record that I love the city of St. Louis, Missouri. I played tour guide this weekend to Carynn, visiting from the faraway land of Oklahoma, where the wind does come sweepin’ ‘cross the plain and where I spent the past two kick-ass years as a resident.

Not once did this town not live up to the stratospheric levels of hype I’ve been nearly-constantly spinning for her since we met about a year ago. A few wrong turns here and there as we tried to find local landmarks only added to the overall awesomeness of the weekend.

St. Louis, you get a bad rep sometimes. People think you’re some uber-dangerous, gang-ridden shantytown with a gigantic silly metal arch adorning your skyline, but you and I know the Truth: You are the Greatest City Ever, home of great people and great traditions. You might be an acquired taste for some, but that’s their loss now, isn’t it?

For the curious, here’s a brief list of our stops this weekend:
St. Louis Zoo
Laclede’s Landing
President Casino
Ted Drewes Frozen Custard
Lumiere Place Hotel & Casino
various All-Star Game festivities on the Landing
Big Daddy’s
Jack in the Box

I’m sure that I’m forgetting some; needless to say, I think it’s safe to say that her day-and-a-half spent in the 314 was busy, if not well-spent.

2 thoughts on “Meet me in St. Louis, Louis.

  1. Carynn says:

    I would like to add that we did see the SLU, crossed into Illinois (the best view of St. Louis) and *grinning* you forgot the gigantic silly metal arch adorning your skyline… that was one of my favorite parts! You know its a great place when before you even get finished with one trip, you plan another 🙂

  2. theotherjulie says:

    A big ol’ DUH and facepalm from me on that one… Gracias, amiga!

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