writer’s blockage leading to writer’s infarction.

For my online “Writer’s Creative Bullshittery Workshop” course, my next assignment is to write a two-paragraph (two paragraph!) description of “The Room in which I Write.”

And as is often my style, I can’t. I just fucking can’t write anything descriptive about this damn room.

I think perhaps the instructor should instead label the “assignments” as “mere suggestions.” I think this might cure what ails me.

For the record, the Room In Which I Write is the childhood bedroom I had for about 12 years. It is nothing if not interesting.


Also, heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it’s off to work I go.
(Always wondered why it was spelled phoenetically. Why not “hi-ho”?)
Also, how the hell do you spell that word? Phoenitic? Phoenetic? Phoenaetic? DAMN YOU, RED SQUIGGLE LINE!
<goes to dictionary.com >
Oh. Phonetic. Phonetically.
Too simple. I dislike.

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