So now my window opens, which is nice, except I couldn’t really get it to close all the way last night so I slept with it open, which was nice, except the tree that grows outside of the window gives off some sort of something that gives me a wicked sinus headache, which is not so nice, so I took some Benadryl, which I think is supposed to help, except I can’t remember if Benadryl makes me sleepy or wired, and I know what you’re thinking: you’re thinking “Julie, this entire post has been one long sentence, how can you think that you might be sleepy?” but to that I say: “Actually, I’m a little wired because I just drank a cup of coffee, thankyouverymuch,” and that’s nice, I guess, except I worry that by the time I go into work tonight at 5:00 I’ll be either hopping off of the walls or asleep on my feet and neither of those conditions is very nice for the workplace, unless one works as a Bouncy House operator or a professional sleep study participant and, sadly, I am neither.


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