About last night.

Some notes on last night, in no particular order:

  1. Jagermeister is disgusting. I do not like it. It tastes like cherry cough syrup to me, and I do not like cherry cough syrup. It’s not even one of those things that I believe one has to “just try once” for the experience, because Jager has no cultural significance – outside of a fraternity house. Or Spring Break in Fort Lauderdale, perhaps. In other words, were someone to say to me “I’ve not drank Jager,” I would respond with “Good. Don’t ever.”
  2. That said, it takes surprisingly little for me to be convinced to take a shot of Jager (while already intoxicated, of course. If someone offered me a shot whilst I was stone sober, I’d probably vomit on their shoes as a response).
  3. Last night, I did two shots of Jager.
  4. My headache is just now going away.

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