sotd 06.30.10

Well, kids, I’m back. Went on a brief sojourn to Indiana, bookended by a stop in every major airport out of which Delta Airlines flies. It’s a long, not particularly interesting, story but I’ll tell it later. For now, here’s a variety of SOTDs to summarize my trip to make up for the dearth of previous postings:

This first one was a Trivial Pursuit question answer (question: how many tickets to paradise did Eddie Money have?). We found that increasing the number of tickets and changing the song lyrics is a more entertaining way to sing the song (i.e. “I’ve got 14 tickets to paradise! And I’m taking my immediate family except for my cousin who rarely showers!”). This one’s for you, Jamie:

“Two tickets to paradise” / Eddie Money (1977)

Next, a little number from Everyone’s Favorite Former Symbol. This one goes out to Casey: may your son one day grow to appreciate Prince as much as you do.

“Wonderful Ass” / Prince (1987)

And last, an homage to the college bar at which we played a drinking game called Sink the Biz with pitchers of ice-cold Busch Light. We are classy, yes, but we are also economical.

“I love college” / Asher Roth (2009)

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