On my brother’s girlfriend

My Brother’s Girlfriend is coming in town to visit in a few weeks.

“Cool,” I said, even though I was absolutely amazed that he raised the subject of her visit without any prompting from me. He likes to play it cool, this brother of mine, even though I’m about 99% sure he’s pretty head-over-heels for this chick. We’re a lot alike that way: we’d hate to jinx something before we know it’s real. Even though he and she have been together for a year, I think.

I also asked him what sorts of things she’d like to do in town, having not visited our fair city before. At this, Brother drew a blank. “I don’t know, what sorts of things should I show her?” he asked.

No less than one-half-hour later, I finished my list. As he typed the last entry into his phone, he turned to me:

“Wow, I would have never thought of any of that.¬†Jesus, you should just date her,” he said.

Today, he relayed the story to her, to which she replied: “I should just hang out with her while I’m there.”

Having never met this girl, I sure hope this bodes well. I’d hate to have a total hoser for a potential sister-in-law.

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