On onions.

I made what could be called a “pallet’s worth” of corn-and-black-bean salsa yesterday, and while it is pretty damn scrumptious, my hands still reek of the red onion I so finely chopped and carefully added to the mixture.

I’d heard/read that lemon juice takes the onion smell out, so I diligently laundered my phalanges with approximately a litre of the stuff. Nope. Now I have lemony-onion scented hands with slight undertones of the sponge I used to scrub them clean. This is almost worse than when I started.

Time to ask Uncle Google what to do now, I guess.

3 thoughts on “On onions.

  1. theotherjulie says:

    For the record, rubbing a tablespoon of table salt and water into a paste on one’s hands is exfoliating but not odor-removing. Uncle Google lies.

  2. Mel says:

    Stainless steel soap.

  3. theotherjulie says:


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