Really? again.

Oh, I’m sorry. Is it too warm outside to keep your sleeves down? Or is it perhaps 1985 and you’ve just finished watching an episode of Miami Vice and you’re worried about looking fashionable? Is that it – you think that it looks “dumb” to have your sleeves pulled down around your wrists where a coat is fucking supposed to be? This is a fucking puffer coat, people! It is not worn as a fashion accessory. Unless it’s stuffed full of, I don’t know, some celebrity’s hair trimmings, it’s meant to be worn for warmth, not to make some sort of statement. This picture irks me more than normal. Some would say too much. But I don’t care. Somewhere out there in the world, some little girl is standing at the bus stop, wearing some fucking expensive winter coat and suffering from some sort of antebrachial hypothermia because she’s rolled up the fucking sleeves because that’s how it was in the Gap ad, Mommy. That’s how the cool kids are wearing it!
I hate people.

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