On wedding registries.

First, I’m an idiot: why did I decide that I needed to go to The World’s Busiest Shopping Center on noon on a Saturday to pick up a wedding gift? Oh, girl, someone must’ve slipped a crazy pill into my morning corn flakes.

Second, despite the crazy lines and wall-to-wall shopping carts, I managed to complete a successful shopping trip. Here’s why:
1. I wrote out exactly what I was looking for, including the bridal registry number. The thought of printing out 394833 pages only to have the cashier scan one tiny little box on page 83 just made me ill. Way to go, Store That Shall Remain Nameless Because The Gift Recipient Is Probably Reading This, for making it easy on me and Mother Nature.

2. I was able to find said item without consulting the help of an employee! Major bonus points for this one. Also, many many many boxes of Said Item were easily available, at the price I saw online. Triple super awesome.

3. Said Item is basically awesome, and something I’ve always wanted for myself. This is the greatest part about gift registries, isn’t it? And I can’t be the only one who just goes down the list and finds something that she actually wants for herself so that she can live vicariously through the recipient, right? Right? I mean, if the couple didn’t actually want the item, they wouldn’t have registered for it… right? I hope so. Right.




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