Dream on.

Obligatory Christmas entry coming soon. For now, I’m ultra stoked about the…

…Best. Dream. Ever. It was last night, but I can’t remember all of the logistics (or if there were, in fact, any logistics at all) and it’s driving me bonkers.

I vaguely remember that one of my co-crime fighters was a gangly dorky dude, similar in appearance to Andy Samberg. I imagine his superpower was Jewishness. (I kid, I kid).

First, I was a superhero. Awesome, right? I was totally fighting crime and saving the world with all the associated ass-kicking and name-taking one would expect from superheroism. I was part of some sort of superhero team, though I can’t remember the superpowers my teammates possessed. The leader of our team? Portrayed by the One and Only Laurence Fishburne. So yeah, it was pretty fucking magical.

We were fighting against some kind of Band of Evildoers wearing black capes. It was intense. And yes, I can remember more details about my particular super-abilities and backstory, but I’m jazzed enough about this dream that I’m going to try to turn it into an actual written story; I’d hate to ruin the surprise.

Oh, man, my brain is AWESOME sometimes!

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