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A brief history of history and other things.

My name is Julie and this is my report of History.

History is a very long and complicated era of time in which many things have occurred. For instance, there have been many wars and great rulers and good inventions and important horses.  There has also been bad rulers and inventions, but most horses are good, overall.

The first thing I would like to tell you about in my report of History is about the Liberty Bell. The Liberty Bell is a large bell that comes from Pennsylvania. It is important and historic for many reasons. I will tell you the reasons now.

First, when Mr. Paul Revere made his famous ride through the Original Thirteen Colonies he had to ring the bell before he could start. His horse was a fine horse, but by the time Mr. Paul Revere got to Georgia his horse was tired and it collapsed and died. This is why we do not ring the Liberty Bell anymore, because of the horse. It is out of respect. I think the horse was named Mary Todd.

Now is the part of my report where I explain about the History of Ancient People. Ancient People lived long before any people who are here now lived, and because of these Ancient People, we are here today. The Ancient People fought wars and made new inventions to make the People Now have better lives. The first invention I will discuss is the horseshoe.

Before horseshoes were invented horses would have to walk on their tippy-toes and this was very uncomfortable for the horses. People would ride them through unpaved roads and lanes and avenues and the horses would get things caught in their feet, which are made of gelatin on the bottom. This is also where Jell-o comes from.

But then the horseshoe was invented and so people could ride these majestic beasts through all boulevards without the horses getting hurt. This is why Mr. Paul Revere could ride Mary Todd all the way to Georgia before she collapsed and died.

After the Ancient People are the Current People, who have made many new and exciting inventions like space travel. The first animal to go up into the space was a monkey, or a dog. To date, there has not been any horses in space. The reason for this is because horses are scared of flying, and also they prefer to run fast.

When I was seven I wanted a horse, who I would name Butterscotch, which is also my favorite candy and also would be the name of my favorite animal. But horses, who are afraid of flying, also do not like to climb stairs and I live on the fourth floor. So instead I decided to become a famous writer who writes about History. When I am famous, I will buy a horse named Butterscotch and I will train it to not be afraid of the outer space. Soon Butterscotch will be more famous than me and I will ride up and down the East Coast. The last thing we will do is to ring the Liberty Bell in Pennsylvania in honor of Mary Todd and the sacrifices she made as she was ridden all up and down until Mr. Paul Revere was finished.

This is my report, which I hope you have enjoyed.