Daily Archives: July 19, 2011


Sometimes in the morning, after my fiftieth-or-so cup of coffee, I get GREAT BIG IDEAS that MUST BE DONE NOW.

This sometimes also happens after my fifth-or-so tequila & Sprite, but I often lack the follow-through at these times:

Julie: Hey! Ohmygosh we should totally go skydiving. TOMORROW.*

Friend: Hey! Fuck yeah, skydiving!

J: I will sooooooooooooooo  call you tomorrow morning! Shit yeah, we gon’ DO THIS.

*Friend and Julie exchange high fives*

INT: The Next Day. Julie is passed-the-fuck-out on an unfamiliar futon. She awakes.

J: Fuck that shit. Also, where am I?

Ahem. Anyway, the motivation to carry out these grand schemes comes much easier with caffeine. Case in point: I went and got myself a website this morning. Like, one for which I’ve paid. To be more precise, it’s a domain name. And no, I have no idea what I’m doing just yet.

I imagine the new site will be something like this, but with much more awesome.

The first step in my reorganization is to separate my Song of the Day from the rest of my idiotic ranting- it’s more for the sake of continuity than anything else.  I considered removing all previous SOTD posts from Current Site and transferring them to New Site but the caffeine had long worn off by then.

Suffice to say that this particular site will continue to be a hot mess until I figure out what the hay-ell I’m doing. But do stay tuned, for I anticipate it taking only a few short years to re-create the monstrosity that I’m picturing in my brain.




*This conversation kind of happened, like in Real Life.