Daily Archives: September 1, 2011

Drill, baby, drill.

In the last few minutes, I’ve reached an Important Conclusion:

Fuck the security deposit. I’m hanging shelves.

If I wasn’t meant to put a few holes in the walls, God wouldn’t have invented spackle now, would He? Hmmmm?

Yeah. That’s what I thought.

Some overpowering creative force has taken hold of me lately, and I’ve spent hours (literally! Just check my Internet history!) looking at design ideas and crafty projects online. And the more I see, the more overwhelmed I am with some kind of Interior Decorating Spirit.

Seriously, people. I’m damn-near speaking in tongues here.

Raise your hand if you want your home office to look like this (see photo credit below).

At first, I stuck to things I could do that wouldn’t¬†leave holes in the walls. I occupy an apartment, after all, and there are Rules and Regulations and All Sorts Of Other Things keeping me from making the modifications of which I dream (literally! It’s getting weird). But one can only hang so many 3M hooks before one just simply gives up, or becomes entrenched in debt (Literally! An $8.00 pack of hooks vs. an $0.08 screw*? You figure it out).

I mean, I’m not entering this project with complete¬†abandon. I re-read my lease agreement, and from what I can figure, it won’t cost me too much overall even if they end up re-painting an entire wall (something else that I’m sure can be prevented, as everything right now is painted the generic Soul-Suckingly-Drab-Apartment-Off-White that clogs the shelves of my local Home Depot’s paint aisle. And also, the maintenance guy’s storage shed is directly below my apartment. Sometimes he leaves things out, like paint cans. Ahem).

So I’ve made concessions to my original fantasies: maybe an orange accent wall would be a bit noticeable. But a few well-placed, functional shelves (which may or may not be painted orange anyway)? Completely do-able, assuming my Dad will lend me things from his Super-Equipped And Awesome Garage Workshop. And a rack from which I can hang pots and pans in my kitchen? This would be amazing.

So stay tuned, as they say, for further details and updates as Julie racks up fines and charges in her quest to no longer live in a bland white box!

(cue dramatic music)

*Eight-cent screw would be:
a) an excellent name for a band
b) an unfortunate nickname

Photo Credit:
How About Orange?: The blog of designer Jessica Jones. She is amazing, as are her textiles and designs (and no, that’s not a euphemism).