Baby Brother and I were the inventors of many weird unique games when we were kids. There was Slap Ball, Carmen Sandiego (still don’t remember the rules to that one – I think it involved running around like idiots and yelling the theme song for the show), Roadway, Front Yard Baseball, the Toilet Paper Game, I’m Thinking Of A Person* and the pièce de résistance: Hallway.

Hallway was reserved for days that were spent indoors, perhaps as a result of some sort of airborne plague or hurricane (as almost 99% of my childhood memories take place outdoors**). For this game, we would lay a kitchen chair on its side to block one end of the hallway of our home. Then we would proceed to gather every pillow, blanket and sheet in the entire house and fill the hallway. For us, that amounted to quite the tonnage of bedding.

Then, we would….



Wait, what did we do?

Thinking back, the primary objective might have just been to gather up everything and then… I don’t know? Lie in it?

Maybe our goal was just to block others’ access to the bathroom?

Okay, so this sounds much more strange in the retelling.

Except you should try it sometime. Maybe not with your own hallway, per se, but with a dedicated corner of your home. Maybe inflate an air mattress, use all your pillows and blankets, and create a nest. Maybe do this in front of your TV. Maybe while TBS is showing, like, forty episodes of The Big Bang Theory back-to-back. And then maybe keep your setup there indefinitely because this is awesome! and why didn’t you think of this sooner?

And then maybe blog about it later.

If you need me, this is where I'll be until approximately ten minutes before I have to go to work.


* Obviously all of our imaginative powers went into creating the games themselves, not in naming them.

**I sure hope my hypothetical children are the same.

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