Daily Archives: June 10, 2012

That can’t be legal.

Ok, first, can we all agree that sometimes you’re on the Internet and something completely random catches your eye, and – maybe against your better judgment – you click the link and you end up reading about identical triplets born in Pennsylvania?

If you just said “Disagree” you are a lying liar. Get the hell off my blog.

Damn kids.

Anyway, all that link-clicking recently led me to this – of which I tried to make some sense.

After I laughed so hard I lost control of all bodily functions, of course:

For the record, I still don’t understand what it means. Search Uncle Google about “black triplets” and that’s exactly what you get.

Also, porn.

Anyone care to enlighten me?

Not about the porn, please. I’m pretty sure I can figure that bit out.