EVERYONE! PROCEED TO THE EXITS! Table 41, you have to stay. Sorry.

While dining at an upscale* barbecue establishment recently, I encountered this laminated Evacuation Plan posted on the wall near our table:

It’s unclear whether this is posted due to some kind of Building Code (have you ever seen one of these before, hotel room doors notwithstanding? Me neither, which is why I snapped a pic), or because it’s something the restaurant purveyor expects guests to read and study.

I mean, it’s a nice idea – theoretically. But as I took a closer look, I realized that tables 30 and 31, and 40 and 41 are, essentially, screwed. Absolutely no evac route for you. Guess you’ll have to stay and enjoy your pulled pork.

Something to keep in mind the next time I dine there.



*In this case, “upscale” means a roll of paper towels on each table and all the sweet tea my little bladder can handle.

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