Note to self: this IS how your life is supposed to go.

Okay, so I was apparently worked up into a hurricane-ous tizzy with that last post. I think that I am probably the just-right amount of nervous, balanced with a healthy dose of very-excite! (Borat voice*). I mean, I have an entire week of not-doing-my-job-just-getting-trained-how-to-do-it to go through yet. And already I’m worried about the inconsequential stuff. Welcome to the inside of my head.

I also forget that the hiring process itself was pretty intense. Several weeks of interviews and assessments later, here I am. We were told the very first day that we were chosen for good reasons, and I am afflicted with a sort of transient amnesia when it comes to that fact. If they thought I couldn’t hack it, they would not have thought twice about saying “Sorry, not interested.” (And I am not that good of a bullshitter – if I had tried to pass myself off as better than I was…they would have seen right through me during the million-and-one interviews). Also, happening upon this job opportunity was so incredibly random and out of left field that I can’t help but think (warning: sappiness ahead) that this is where I am meant to be. At least for now, of course.

Do you ever think about that? Where you’re meant to be? With my last job (well, technically my current job, as I still have a few more days of two-job overlap), I went through long periods of time where I thought I was somehow wasting my time / life / formal education doing NOT the thing I assumed I should be doing (never mind the fact that I didn’t know what that thing was then, either). But (warning: nostalgia ahead) when I think back on the last three years I realize that – HOLY SMOKES – I have learned a hell of a lot and met a hell of a lot of awesome people.

Life has a funny way of figuring itself out like that. It’s just hard to remember, because sometimes that mental Post-it Note gets covered up by a lot of other extraneous junk.

*Say what you will about that movie, but I’m a sucker for fake ridiculous accents.

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