Why I want to shake some, if not all, people.

It makes me mad and, depending on the person, breaks my heart to see someone think they’re not good enough. Now I’m not talking about unrealistic shit – I am not “good enough” to be president. Or run an ultramarathon. Or be a lineman for the county, no matter HOW BAD I want to sing that song and…just really feel it, ya know? I just hate that new years’ resolutions somehow imply deterioration, not growth, during the preceding year.

We are humans, and imperfect, so there’s always gonna be room for improvement – I want to bitch about the public less at work. I want to remember to water my plants. I really want to learn all the words to Wichita Lineman – but these are goals, and they can happen any day, any time. An easy-to-remember calendar day be damned.


That said…

It’s difficult to not get swept up in the promise and, well, magic of this day. I let my mind wander a little this morning and got a little silly thinking about the things I could do every day for a year if I just started now. Eat a balanced breakfast. Call my mother. Start saving for my move to Wichita County. And I realized resolutions aren’t really all that destructive after all if we don’t let them get the better of us.

Because we all need a small vacation, even when it don’t look like rain.

Also, this, if you’re a little confused:


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