Some questions are best left unanswered.

adventures in apartment living.

Why are there children playing in the Dumpster?

Is lime green a factory option from Chevrolet, or did you take your Impala to Maaco and ask for that on purpose?

Why did you think that’s a parking spot?

Rihanna, huh? At 4:00 am?

So, all your bras and non-pajama pants are in the wash today, huh?

Seriously, why are you letting your children play in the Dumpster?

Why is that perfectly-nice chair next to the Dumpster?

Is your Camry supposed to make that high-pitched screeching noise when the engine’s running?

What’s that smell?

Do I call 911 or the non-emergency police line?

What are you barbecuing in the parking lot?

Shouldn’t those children be wearing coats? AND WHY THE FUCK ARE THEY INSIDE THE DUMPSTER?

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